Greenvale and Cardinia Outlet Towers Upgrade

Greenvale and Cardinia Reservoirs
Feb 2018
April 2019
Design - Fabrication - Construction - Project Management


The Cardinia Reservoir is on Cardinia Creek approximately 50km south-east of the Melbourne CBD near the township of Emerald. It is an off-stream storage of approximately   287,000ML.   The   Reservoir   including   the   Outlet   Tower   was   constructed in 1973. The Tower gates and hydraulic systems are original and have not been modified or renewed since installation. There is limited redundancy in the hydraulic system such that a failure in any part of the system may fail the entire outlet tower leading to loss of water supply from Cardinia Reservoir. The key objectives of the project are to increase security of water supply to South East Water by remote monitoring of key assets in the tower and renew aging assets to comply with current standards.

Scope of Works

  • Renewal of hydraulic system and water tanks
  • Renewal of Gate Indication System
  • Renewal of Gate positioning sensing
  • PLC and Scada upgrade.

Scope of works on the Greenvale tower was similar to the Cardinia Tower.