About Us

Unified through a single company structure, Aqua Metro Services Pty Ltd comprises of four specialist companies with no overlap of service offerings.  Each individual company has a vast and experienced resource pool which they align towards a shared focus on overall project success.

The strength of this consortium has been built upon an absolute commitment to leveraging the benefits of effective collaboration.

As we strive to build long-term client relationships based on outstanding safety, quality and stakeholder management services this core operational principle informs everything we do.

A Unique Approach

Founded by entrepreneurs, who have vast experience in project management of large infrastructure projects in Tier 1, Aqua Metro Services combines Tier 1 excellence in procedures for health, safety, quality, environment and management with the agility, desire and responsiveness of a young dynamic organisations.

We believe that our unique structure offers current and future clients a number of key benefits;

  • Improved efficiencies as a result of centralised communications, representation and invoicing across 4 key disciplines.
  • NO “margin on margin” – as projects are bid, a single margin is applied and the participation equity to be split between the consortia members specific to each project.
  • A commercial model that provides flexibility to accommodate varying nature of the program of works in terms of both workload through the entire spectrum from 100% design to 100% construction.
  • Exemplary safety performance as a result of our shared goal to 100% self-perform works.
  • A lean and flexible structure allows us to efficiently respond to changing client needs. We have a flexible and professional approach and can respond to whichever form of procurement our clients prefer.

Our Vision

To put safety first in everything we do and have a positive influence on the lives of everyone we come into contact with.

To build long-term relationships with our clients, contractors and world-leading technology partners for the benefit of all.

To minimise our environmental impact whilst continuing to deliver the highest quality engineering, design & construction works.

To fully integrate social responsibility into our business model and provide demonstrable evidence of the positive impact of  promoting diversity and social inclusion in the Australian construction industry.

A Commitment To Self-Performance

Our unique structure provides access to a vast and experienced resource pool. This ensures we are continually able to self-perform all work, allowing us to remain cost effective and competitive whilst perhaps most importantly, delivering an exemplary safety record.

We also switched to a self-performed model on the lower end of our capital delivery framework. In the first two years with Aqua Metro Services, we didn’t have one recordable injury.

Eamonn Kelly,
General Manager, Major Program Delivery, Melbourne Water

An Outstanding Team

"Collectively, we have a trusted reputation for the successful delivery of works for Water Authorities throughout Victoria and Australia."

a boutique consultant engineers and designers who are
100% dedicated to the water industry.

is a mechanical contractor and fabricator and has a fully functional fabrication facility located in Melbourne.

CEI Services, is an electrical contractor with over 40 years’ experience in the electrical design and construction for the water industry.

Aqua Metro, is a civil construction contractor carrying out minor capital works, commercial plumbing works and Water Industry maintenance.

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