Aqua Metro Services and Melbourne Water took home the state and national Australian Water Association Organisational Excellence Award early this year for the Wara Paring Indigenous Civil Construction Project.

The Organisational Award recognises innovative initiatives within the water industry that drive prosperity and sustainability. The award encompasses a need for change within the industry and places high value on initiatives that ‘reimagine our future’.

Wara Paring is a first of its kind, 100% Indigenous owned business, with a vision to ignite hope, establish respect and deliver sustainable outcomes across our waterways and connected lands. Wara Paring translates to “come walk the path together”, inspiring industry change and encouraging total reconciliation for a better future.

We are thrilled and honoured to have received this award on a state and national level, and thank everyone involved for their dedication to this initiative. We thank Melbourne Water for their sponsorship and Wara Paring Civil for their trust and hard work.

The Consortium

Our members combine a wealth of specialist, water-industry expertise to offer our clients a highly efficient and effective "one-stop" service.

a boutique consultant engineers and designers who are
100% dedicated to the water industry.

is a mechanical contractor and fabricator and has a fully functional fabrication facility located in Melbourne.

CEI Services, is an electrical contractor with over 40 years’ experience in the electrical design and construction for the water industry.

Aqua Metro, is a civil construction contractor carrying out minor capital works, commercial plumbing works and Water Industry maintenance.

All our Consortium members are 100% dedicated to the water industry.

Why choose us


At the heart of everything we do, the strength of our business is built upon our ability to build long-term relationships with our clients, contractors and world-leading technology partners.


With an absolute commitment to maintaining our exemplary safety record, we work hard to maintain our LTIFR and MTIFR at a consistent 0 by embedding a Zero Harm Policy and culture.


From local suppliers and across the globe, our teams are empowered to explore and develop ideas that utilise innovative tools, technologies and methods to safely perform works in a more efficient and effective way.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aqua Metro Services are committed to valuing and supporting individual differences and creating an environment where everyone can fully contribute to realise their full potential.

Aboriginal affairs Framework:
In collaboration with MWC, we developed, a first of its kind Diversity and Inclusion Plan on the SSCP Framework to create a pathway for creating a 100% Owned and Operated Construction Business. We will continue training of Wara Paring, “fully indigenous owned and operated business” in Victoria.

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