ETP Power Station Ventilation & Cooling

MWC - Eastern Treatment Plant
February 2019
September 2019
Design - Construction - Project Management


Since its inception, the Eastern treatment plant has used green energy produced from sludge gas to generate power in the on-site power station. The sludge gas production at the site increased over time with increase in influent loads, Melbourne Water Corporation (MWC) wish to augment the existing ventilation system within the Eastern Treatment Plant (ETP) power station to address problems with excess heat and user discomfort.

Scope of Works

  • Supply and Install a new evaporative cooling system
  • Modifications to power station roof to repurpose the skylights to be used as exhaust louvres
  • Supply and install a new noise attenuation system
  • Supply and install new MSSB
New cooling units installed.
Mech and Elec crew with new HVAC switchboard in background.