ETP Gallery Lighting and IPS North and South Well Lighting

MWC - Eastern Treatment Plant
February 2019
September 2019
Design - Construction - Project Management


Melbourne Water has a commitment to achieving zero harm in the workplace. This project is to replace the existing general and emergency lighting installation within Area 32, IPs North and South Wells. The operators and maintenance personnel are required to access these areas at night and sometimes tasks are undertaken at night. Inadequate lighting creates a safety risk to the people accessing these areas as required by their work.

When undertaking maintenance, there is a risk of falling as lights have to be accessed by ladder or mobile platform.

The lighting has four current issues:

  1. The lighting is inadequate for working.
  2. The lighting is unsafe to maintain.
  3. The lighting is inefficient and showing signs of corrosion due to age.
  4. Need EWP to access the lighting during maintenance.

Scope of Works

  • Design and supply lighting as per new lighting requirements.