Enhancement of Dandenong Creek

January 2018
August 2020


The Ringwood South Branch Sewer experiences non-compliant wet weather spills. This objective of this project is to mitigate the uncontrolled spills to customer properties along the Croydon Main sewer, The Basin Branch Sewer and Montrose Branch Sewer.

Scope of Works

  • Increasing ERS discharge capacity of ERSs at The Basin and Croydon
  • Supply and installation of penstocks with associated electrical and control works at The Basin and Croydon.
AMS excavate 9m deep around live, 900mm sewer branch to construct new manhole as part of an emergency relief system on the Croydon Sewer Branch.
AMS construct headwall insitu and place outlet pipe. AMS place rock beaching and re-shape bank. Place Grassroots product to protect bank from erosion above beaching.